the ubiquitous about

note: not actual size or species but he looks wise and by extension, so do i.

Ms. Joy is not a goat and she doesn’t usually speak or write in the third person, but it would appear that any biographical entry worth merit is written with such trite contradiction to the rest of the blogging genre. She is a writer of countless missives, short stories and tirades, a mother to two and a half and wife to one. She is a university student and as that chapter of life reaches a close over the next couple of months, she will grapple to figure out exactly what it means to be let loose on the world, presumably smarter if only by counts not measured because an end to formal education is only the beginning.

This lady of the moniker Ms. Joy lives in Halifax, Nova, loves her city and all its foibles. She shops regularly at her farmers’ market and used clothing stores. She attempts to craft and garden though she is terrified of her sewing machine she still dreams of sewing her own clothes, she will bake anything and most of the time it is a success, if not add butter or ice cream.

She believes in love, nature, her family, a woman’s right to choose, a child’s right to learn and explore, the individual’s right to voice their opinion and for anyone and everyone to live the life they should without impunity and judgment.

If you would like visit my site devoted entirely to book reviews and creative writing (includes a blog), you can find it at Writing in Cursive.