because she’s awesome

by Ms. Joy

The other day I was chatting with Miss N as she fussed with her latest craft. Ribbons and paper had yet to be affixed, but she was busily puttering at the kitchen table. Miss N is a resilient kid, one who may or may not be aware of how strong she is, even though we tell her constantly. She is shy, prone to deftly scooting behind me when a stranger attempts to speak to her. When she started school last year we were concerned about her making friends, mostly since communication is a major part of friendship. We needn’t have worried. She quickly and fiercely made friends.

This September has found her in a new school, with unfamiliar halls, a school bus and most of all, a brand new classroom with not a single familiar face. It can be a lot for a little girl but I have a tremendous amount of faith in my girly, especially since this exchange (all the while she continued cutting and pasting):

“Honey bee, Mrs. M told me you were making a ton of friends at school and that all the girls want to be your partner,” I looked to her for confirmation she heard me.

“Hm. Yeah, just like at my old school,” the ever talkative five year old.

“Why do you think that is?”

This is where she looks up at me and smiles. She isn’t being precocious or ironic. This is a little girl who knows: “Because I’m awesome.”

Damn right, she is awesome.